Creepy crawlies: out of this world!
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Imagine this:                                        

You are from the planet Lola, located somewhere past Neptune in our Milky Way galaxy.

Through advanced technology, you and your fellow Lolatians have created a climate much like earth's.   You have just finished introducing plants onto your planet.  The next step is to add insects. 

Your crew's mission:  to go to earth and choose one kind of insect to bring back to your leader.  She wants to observe how an insect will react to your planet's new environment.

Before you leave, your leader tells the crew one thing:  "Make sure the bug is very cool."

"Of course," you say, "if it gets hot it will die.  We'll make sure it stays cool."

"No," says your leader.  "I mean interesting... Fascinating... Exciting to think about!  That's the kind of creepy crawly that I want!"

You're worried. Your crew will only be on earth for a few hours...That doesn't leave you much time.  Will you be able to fulfill your leader's wish?

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