Drama: Who's Your Favorite Actor?

Presented by: Patricia Franklin

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The Drama I teacher and the TL collaborate to create a project that teaches students about the history of acting and, at the same time, teaches them to use effective research skills. The teacher introduces the project, brings the students to the library media center and assigns each student an actor to research, and instructs them in stage presence and presentation techniques. The library media specialist teaches searching the online catalog, Internet research skills (including bibliographic style), and presentation software.



Originally published in School Library Media Activities Monthly/Vol. XXIV,
No. 2/October 2007. Permission to amend for SOS posting granted by Libraries
Unlimited. The AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner (2007) were added
in the revision.


Day 1

Direct Instruction

The drama teacher introduces the assignment, which is to create a six-minute presentation about an actor who lived within the last 100 years. Students must follow the rubric which was created by the TL. TL gives a presentation on search techniques including the difference between using Internet search engines and online subscription services.

Independent Practice

Students are then given time to use the online cataloging program to look for print material and check out books about their actor.


Day 2

Direct Instruction

The library media specialist gives a presentation reminding students of MLA style when writing their bibliography using the website Citation Machine.

Independent Practice

Students begin computer searches. Students spend the next five days in the library media center researching through print and non print media. Students also have access to the video collection in order to find clips of their actor to present to the class.

Day 3

Modeling and Guided Practice

After students have begun research, the library media specialist presents tips on using presentation software such as PowerPoint to students who need help.

Remainder of Lesson

Independent Practice

Days 4 and 5 are devoted to research and working on the project. Students are given another week to finish their project on their own.

Sharing and Reflecting

Students present their six-minute project to the class. Time is allotted for questions and answers and students are given extra credit if they research someone else's actor and are able to ask questions during the presentation about that actor and his works.

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