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A Place for Mammals on the Endangered List
This unit of study is a three-way collaboration between a 5th Grade teacher, science cluster teacher and library media specialist. This unit is designed to introduce 5th grade students with limited prior knowledge regarding research to the process. The purpose of this unit is to build understanding of the information resources available to conduct research for a project and have an opportunity to practice the skills necessary for locating information about a topic. The information skill of using both print and web resources to conduct research will be reinforced. Students will have the opportunity to work in groups or individually to produce non-fiction, science-based feature articles.
Goals & Objectives:
Instructional Goals:
•    Students will be able to successfully find the information they need using print resources.
•    Students will become gain a better understanding of how to search web resources to obtain needed information.
•    Students will present information in a prescribed format.
•     Students will orally and visually share what they have learned about selected endangered animals.

Learning Objectives: 
•    Fifth grade students will perform a successful search of the following print resources: books, Encyclopedias, and magazines.
•    Students will learn how to take notes and  cite  sources used correctly.
•     With the information gained from the Web resources provided by the instructor, students will learn facts about endangered mammals.
•    Students will work successfully in a group or individually to complete their assignment.
•    Students will acquire enough information to orally and visually report their findings.

Motivational Goals:
•    Generate interest in the research process.
•    Stimulate students’ interest in endangered animals.
•    Build students’ confidence in their ability to learn and use information skills.
•    Maintain students’ interest in the research process.
•    Reinforce students’ confidence in their ability to learn and use information skills.

Materials & Sources:

Day 1:

Methods, media, materials: MP3 sound file of whale communication,
laptop, LCD projector with images of endangered mammals
chart paper
Day 2:

Methods, media, materials: Instructional conversation, demonstration, note fact sheets, chart tablet

Day 3:

Methods, media, materials: Instructional conversation, demonstration, note fact sheets, chart tablet, SMART board, laptops 

Day 1:  Library teacher plays a sound file of whale sounds as students enter the library.  Library teacher tells students they should listen closely because that sound may not be heard for much longer if the following whales become extinct.  Library teacher presents the idea that  animals becoming extinct doesn’t really matter.  The library teacher discusses with students how life on earth is affected by the extinction of animals.
The library teacher introduced the idea of how endangered mammals may be preserved introducing the idea of protecting them through various measure. The 5th Grade teacher and the library teacher do a quick brainstorming activity with the students of what things could be done to preserve these animals. Students are asked to generate questions about an endangered mammals they have selected to research. The library teacher in conjunction with the classroom teacher outlines the assignment and introduces the task.  Students are given a choice of what endangered mammal they would like to research. 

Day 2:  Library teacher gives a mini-lesson to review the use of non-fiction materials, encyclopedias and magazines to look for information.  The fifth grade students are getting ready to enter middle school, where they will be required to use multiples sources to complete assignments.  Using a variety of print resources will be an important skill to possess.  Students will take notes and collect note facts for their topics.  Library teacher will demonstrate how to cite sources used to collect facts and information from print sources.  Students will be given a choice to work with a partner, in a small group, or individually.

Day 3:  This lesson consists of looking at a pre-selected Web site projected on a SMART board.  The library teacher page explains to the students that she is only looking for answers questions previously generated by students.  The library teacher demonstrates how to find needed information without having to look at every single word of text.  Similar to the print resources, students are guided to use the features of expository text structure present on the web page such as titles, sub-titles, photographs, graphs, charts, etc. to locate needed information.  Students again are encouraged to take note facts. Library teacher will demonstrate how to cite web sources.  Laptops are now used by students to locate information using this web site.
Learning Assessment Method(s):
• The library teacher and 5th Grade teacher will work together to assist students who require additional support and guidance, redirecting students when necessary
• Students will construct a non-fiction feature article using the information they obtained from both print and web resources using 3-5 facts from each resource using note-fact worksheets
• The written work (non-fiction feature article) produced by collecting note-facts and information from print resources and a web site will demonstrate the skill of locating appropriate information, note taking, citing sources, and constructing a written report (non-fiction feature article) being evaluated by a rubric
• Students will share their articles orally and discuss what they learned about locating information , and citing sources used which will demonstrate orally l students’ understanding of the tasks.
• The ability of the students to work in groups will be assessed by the teachers.

Collaborator(s): Donna M. Berry - Library teacher, Alice Boster, 5th Grade teacher, Lenore Marchese – Science Cluster teacher.
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Presented By: Donna Berry
Collaborative: Collaborator(s): Donna M. Berry - Library teacher, Alice Boster, 5th Grade teacher, Lenore Marchese – Science Cluster teacher.
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