Lesson Plan Tutorial
What do I base my lesson plan on?
Getting Started
General Information
Objectives & Procedures
Supporting Files
Objectives & Procedures

Help Buttons  
1.  Click on located next to Objectives & Procedures.
2.  You will see required buttonlocated on the right hand side of the section.  By moving your mouse
     over this button, you will see everything that is required to be filled out in this section.
     There are also smaller buttons next to each category that are required.
3.  You will see multiple info button buttons on the page.  By clicking on the info buttonbutton located on
    the right hand side of the section, a description of what Objectives and Procedures
    are will display.
4.  Click on the smaller bluebutton buttons located next to Goals & Objectives, Materials &
    Sources, Procedures, Assessment and Collaborators for detailed information about each
    of those sections.

 Adding Information
1.  Enter your information for each category.
2.  Place a check in the box that grants permission to SOS to add your lesson to the
3.  Once you have completed all the information, click

Review for Completeness
1.  Once you have saved your information, the box next to Objectives & Procedures will
    turn yellow
2.  Review your information, make necessary changes, then click on the yellow box when
     you are finished.
3.  A blue check mark will appear in the box which signifies this section is complete.   
4.  Click on the to hide Objectives and Procedures.
5.  You are ready to move on to Supporting Files! 

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