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Let's Find Out About Sharks!!
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Resources and Credits
Resources and Credits
Here is a list of the sites and credit for the various pictures and audio visual material used in this project.  All the material are either public domain or were allowed to be used for educational purposes.

Great White 1

Source: University of Tokyo
This image is in public domain.


Shark Bullet


Whale Shark head 1

Name: head.jpg Photographer: Susan Silverman Caption: whaleshark head Location: Utila, Honduras Date Taken: April 2006  Bibliography: Silverman, Susan. head.jpg. April 2006. Pics4Learning. 20 Apr 2007


Great white 2

Name: greatwhite.jpg Photographer: Todd Garrett Caption: "Great White-- 11 miles off of Newport, CA" Location: "Newport, CA"  Date Taken: 2001 Bibliography: Garrett, Todd. greatwhite.jpg. 2001. Pics4Learning. 20 Apr 2007


Jaws wav

Bigger Boat wav


fins animated gif

big teeth animated gif


animated shark gif

Shark Quiz online


Atlantic Ocean from Puerto Rico

Photographer: Margaret Goulet 


Hammerhead clip art



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