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Lions and writers and Bears
This unit on mammal research targets a 4th grade class and involves collaboration amongst the teacher librarian and classroom and art teachers. Students will explore general characteristics of mammals and each select one mammal to research further in depth. Using print materials and online databases, they will locate facts and share these facts in their own handmade, nonfiction books that are both informative and artistic. A book and poster display is suggested to share this new found knowledge with the school community.
Goals & Objectives:
Instructional Goals

Students will:

  • Learn the defining characteristics of mammals;
  • Research one mammal in depth;
  • Relate human activity to the living environment;
  • Learn the art of bookmaking; and
  • Become self-published writers.


Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Define at least 3 unique traits of mammals in the animal kingdom;
  • Identify the lifestyle characteristics of a selected mammal;
  • Identify if the mammal is endangered and state how people affect the life of this animal;
  • Locate at least one print source and two online sources of relevant information about this animal, answering all of the questions in the Mammal Research Worksheet; and
  • Record answers to each of the seven questions (found on the Mammal Research Worksheet) in their own handmade books.  



Motivational Goals:
  • Develop student confidence in ability to locate and use needed information.
  • Generate and maintain student interest in the research process.
  • Promote the importance of students understanding the interdependence of living organisms and student responsibility in conservation efforts;
  • Promote student satisfaction in research activities.
  • Promote satisfaction in student’s end product to demonstrate learning.
Materials & Sources:
"See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files"
"See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files"
"See attached lesson plan in Supporting Files"
LMS, 4th grade teacher, and art teacher
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Presented By: Brianna Pannell
Collaborative: LMS, 4th grade teacher, and art teacher
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