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Frequently Asked Questions


The frequently asked questions are divided into three main groups:
1) general technical questions about using S.O.S. for Information Literacy related to
searching, submitting, and uploading
2) questions specific to grades K-12 and
3) questions specific to higher education.



1. What exactly is S.O.S. for Information Literacy?


S.O.S. for Information Literacy is a dynamic web-based multimedia resource for educators
that promises to make a significant contribution to enhancing the teaching of information
literacy skills to students in K-16. The project is currently in its final stage of development
in which S.O.S. is being expanded for use by high school and college level educators. 


2. How do I get started?


Visit and click on MyS.O.S. to create an account. Then
click on Plans/Create Lesson Plan to enter a lesson plan, or Ideas/Create Idea to
enter a standalone item such as a handout, activity description, PowerPoint presentation,
or web page. Help screens are included throughout the site.


3. How does the review process work?


All S.O.S. submissions are reviewed independently by two peers to ensure quality
before they are posted. Reviewers come to a consensus on each plan. Plans may
be returned to submitter for editing, before inclusion.


4. I’m having trouble logging on to S.O.S. or locating a lesson plan, 
teaching idea or BuILder I’ve started?
If you need a help remembering of your password you can have a reminder sent to you email, 
click on the Forgot Password link when logging in. Keep track of multiple accounts you might
have, lessons, teaching ideas and builders may be stored in another account. Any other
technical questions can be addressed to
DataMomentum team



1. What standards does S.O.S. use for K-12?


Educators can also search by the Standards for the 21st Century Learner
and related indicators established by the
American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

Higher Education


1. As an academic librarian, I don’t always plan out my lessons in a
formal way. Can my lesson ideas still be included as S.O.S. lesson plans?


Yes. Our submission form walks you through the process of recording key
information about your lesson, creating a “lesson plan” for you in a format that
easily allows other librarians to implement your ideas. If you are interested in
sharing just a piece of a lesson (e.g., an activity, handout, presentation, etc.),
you can enter it in the “Teaching Ideas” section. 

2. A lot of my lessons are built using ideas from colleagues and list
postings. How do I ensure that everyone receives credit?


S.O.S. encourages collaboration and includes a section in the submission
form to name others who contributed to a particular lesson.

3. I have a specific subject specialty and most of my lessons are geared
towards classes in that subject. Is it o.k. to include these lessons?


S.O.S. includes subject-based lesson plans as well as general ones. When you
submit your lesson, you will be prompted to select a subject area. If your subject
area is not included, please contact us and we will add it.


4. I teach an information literacy course for credit. Should I include the
whole course or submit individual lessons?


You could do both. A course syllabus could be included as a “Teaching Idea,”
while individual lessons on specific topics could be submitted as separate lessons
along with accompanying handouts, assignments, and other materials. 


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