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Billboard 2.o for Walter Dean Myer's "Monster"
This lesson is meant to be used as a culminating activity for eighth grade students who have read the book Monster, by Walter Dean Myers. The students will be utilizing a new Web 2.0 application called Glogster to aesthetically convey information about the themes of the story as an alternative to (or in addition to) the traditional written book review. The format of the project is designed to be used as a platform that will help students connect and respond to the deeply emotional aspects of this story. The story itself is not written in traditional format, rather it is displayed as a screenplay, which invites a more theatrical response from the reader.
Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:   

·        Eighth grade students will use creative and artistic formats to express personal learning.

·        Eighth grade students will access information effectively and efficiently.

·        Eighth grade students will use a web 2.0 tool to present information and express emotion.

·        Eighth grade students will become familiar with the navigation of a specific website.


Learning Objectives: 

·        Students will be ale to create a billboard for the opening of the movie version of Monster

·        Students will apply at least two literary themes from the story, Monster, to their billboard.

·        Students will access Glogster and include at least two media elements (video, sound, text, graphics, photos,etc) in their billboard

·        Students will be able to demonstrate a successful upload when prompted by the TL.


Motivational Goals:

·        Students will be motivated to continue information exploration.

·        Students will enjoy learning new and fresh ways to use and organize information.

·        Students will gain confidence in their critical thinking and information organizing skills.


Materials & Sources:
  • Collection of movie posters to display
  • Movie trailer for Monster by Walter Dean Myers (several versions can be found on YouTube)
  • Computers with Internet access and projector
  • Computers with Internet access for student use
  • Suggested: ELA teacher can develop a rubric for grading posters' ability to convey literary themes
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See supporting files
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Presented By: Jennifer Sullivan
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